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 Hi. I’m Gerry Moersdorf and welcome to my site.  I am a major fan of  ham radio and all types of electronic equipment.  I’ve owned several  companies in the industry. Software Results and Applied Innovation where  we worked with some pretty cool stuff.  I also have some pretty big  AM 1,000 watt rigs I restored and updated and put out some serious signal.  My callsign is KC8ZUL and I live in Delaware, Ohio.

My Motto:

If it isn’t heavy enough to kill you if it falls over, don’t use it.

The KC8ZUL station is located in Delaware, Ohio. At 975' above sea level it is a great place to work other stations all over the country, and the world. This is also the location of my collection of restored AM broadcast transmitters

The Early Days, Software Results, Applied Innovation.

 I’ve owned several companies in the electronics industry. We did a lot of interesting work, together with great folks, building great products. See even more companies, and projects below. 

Other Projects, etc..

Audio Power Labs

APL is a boutique audio amplifier manufacturing company. Founded with the desire to meld the purest vacuum tube amplification technology, with state-of-the-art microprocessor controls, and beautiful art-deco styling.

AC Scout Power Monitoring

All this talk of power, how do you know you are receiving adequate power from the meter to the heater? Or the fridge?, Or your amplifiers? ACScout. 

The Hilljerks

The Hilljerks are a band of drinking misfits, with a radio problem. They converge on a mountaintop in West Virginia, several times each year, to blow off steam, and make some radio cantacts. All names have been changed to protect the um..., innocent?

APL promo 2015

A short video look at Audio Power Labs

Parts, Parts, Parts

Do you need radio or electronics parts? We just might have that elusive tube or cap in stock. Just give a call. Contact info below.

A Ride Down The Mountain

Take a snowy ride down the mountain with a couple of the jerks.

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